Brainstorming location





Hi and welcome to brainstorming location, where you can locate answers and participate in this High-Tech IT discussion site.


The main goal of this site is to spread the word of technology for products that are a bit difficult to manage and troubleshoot.


The main products that will be discussed here are some of EMC software and hardware products.




Well, because I work with these products, and I provide technical support and consultations for them. For every product there will be a Blog. I'll try to publish and collect all the necessary information about each product as far as I can.


By the time I'll try to add other products from other companies. Products that I work with and provide technical support and consultation.


Posts, Blogs, and replies will happend based on time availability. So my apologies for the delay in advance...;-)


Feed backs and suggestions are always welcome.




























It is time to Backup

   my cloud network..!


Let the game begins!